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GPS Tracking Apps vs GPS Devices

GPS Tracking Apps vs GPS Devices Posted by Kim Dazey on June 20, 2018

It may seem easiest and cheapest for you and your employees to simply download an app that provides a tracking service, but look past the surface of convenience and you’ll find that cell phone tracking apps are significantly less reliable and more controversial than hardware GPS tracking devices, such as the Logistimatics Mobile-200 or the Protect Plus tracker. 

Let’s take a look at the differences:

Tracking Apps:

  • Drain phone battery life quickly
  • Requires employee to use a personal device for tracking
  • Could track during off-hours, creating issues with privacy
  • Location data could easily be shared with third parties
  • Subject to user error, such as turning off location services or the phone dying

Logistimatics GPS Devices:

  • 7-21 days of battery life, depending on the device
  • Company-owned solution, doesn’t involve employee’s personal property
  • No tracking during off-hours and/or when an employee is not present, securing privacy
  • Security of location data never shared with third parties
  • Doesn’t depend on the user being tracked, needs no action on their part

Which is better?

While the above comparisons mainly highlight the differences between tracking apps and GPS devices for business purposes, they also apply to more personal situations, such as tracking a child or elderly loved one. Not relying on the abilities of the person being tracked – such as, an elderly parent forgetting to charge their phone, or a child accidentally turning off their location – ensures you always have reliable and accurate information about their location. Using a hardware tracker instead of a cell phone tracking app also protects the privacy and feeling of independence of your child or loved one being tracked, knowing they are only being tracked when they are carrying or wearing the device.  

Logistimatics provides you with reliable, accurate, and efficient means of tracking your assets and those most important to you, all from your mobile device or computer. Check out our Mobile-200 and Protect Plus models, or contact us if you have any questions.