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GPS Tracking for Employee Security and Compliance

GPS employee tracking Posted by Kim Dazey on July 11, 2018

When considering whether or not to incorporate GPS tracking into the daily workings of your business, the question, “What are the ethics of tracking employees?” will inevitably come up. No one wants to feel like they are being spied on, and no one wants to breach another’s privacy. It’s important for you as the employer, and those as employees, to understand the rights, practices, and expectations of everyone involved in the tracking process. We suggest trying to cultivate a transparent work culture and be open about the use of GPS tracking devices for business purposes.

General principles to follow:

  • Honesty & Transparency. Make sure you detail your use of your employee tracking service and device in a written privacy policy. Let your employees know at what times, in what situations, and why they will be tracked, and what you intend to do with the data you collect. Transparency upfront will prevent employees from feeling as if you don’t trust them as their employer, or aren’t respecting their privacy.
  • Only Track Your Property. Never use a GPS tracker on an employee’s personal vehicle or property. Tracking only your own company vehicle allows you to track both property and employee assets, without the potential breach of employee privacy. By only tracking vehicles and not cell phones, your employee’s location data is protected and won’t be tracked when not operating the vehicle.
  • Only Track During Work Hours. This goes hand-in-hand with only tracking your own property, and never a cell phone. Even still, you want to make a point of disabling the tracker during off-hours to further ensure the privacy of your employees.
  • Explain the Benefits. Tracking assets isn’t just about protecting your own property, but also about fostering efficiency with and protecting your employees by monitoring routes, mileage, speed, and customer satisfaction. Having an accurate record of movements during business hours benefits both employee and employer when it comes to questions of time worked, mileage driven, and customer disputes.

With a Logistimatics GPS tracking device, such as the Mobile-200, you only track vehicles, never cell phones. Employee are never monitored through their personal property, their location data is protected, and their privacy is respected above all else. With a Logistimatics GPS tracker, you’ll build mutual trust and respect with your employees while providing the peace of mind and protection of assets your company needs.