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How To Identify the Best GPS Tracker for Your Car

Best GPS Tracker for Car Posted by Logistimatics Team on April 21, 2022

Despite being in an ever-connected world, your car and other assets can still be vulnerable to theft, loss, and other unexpected circumstances. Whether it’s worrying about a teenager out for the night or trying to track employees and vehicles throughout the workweek, it’s important to make sure everything and everyone is safe and accounted for.

Enter vehicle GPS tracking devices. They’re relatively small, easy to use, and can fit just about any budget. If you’re looking to add an extra bit of security to driving, a car GPS tracker might just be the solution. And no matter the number of cars—from 1 to over 100—you should be able to find the Goldilocks tracker that’s just right for you. Check out our guide to helping you find one right up your alley.

Portable Car Tracker

Looking for something you can put in a purse, glove compartment, or someone’s pocket? There’s a tracker for that—like the Logistimatic’s Pocket Tracker. Keep your eyes peeled for wireless GPS trackers that have just long enough battery life to make it worthwhile.

You’ll want to get something that connects with a wireless 4G network so you can get regular updates and can correspond with the phone app. Many of them update every 30 seconds, or even sooner, like 15 seconds. They will also come with panic buttons that a person can press to alert the authorities in case they get into tight spots.

Long-lasting Battery Life

If you need something that lasts a long time without frequent replacements, you have plenty of options. If you’re just looking for something that gives you a daily notification, there are trackers with batteries that can last for years. However, if you’d like a little more interaction, the plug-in trackers are your next best bet as they require no recharging, and are available to give you those real-time notifications.

Tracking Speed for Safety

From monitoring your teen’s lead foot to making sure your fleet of vehicles is staying within the legal limits, look for a tracker that gives you speed alerts whenever a driver goes over. Some trackers will even give you alerts on the car’s health, which can be especially useful for any forgetful person.

Instead of asking the driver to log miles for you, you can put a tracker in there and help you get a better idea of how your car is being used. Some trackers will even give reports on how safely the driver behaved.

Effortless Tracking

Look for GPS trackers that you can plug ‘n’ play. Some trackers will plug into your OBD port near your dashboard and start up immediately, while others can be hardwired into the car. As soon as you get them installed, download whatever app or service your provider offers for tracking. Then you’re ready to go. Set it and forget it.

Affordable Pricing

Luckily, there are all kinds of GPS trackers out there for all kinds of budgets. If you’d rather not pay for a monthly subscription, you can find some GPS trackers with a one-time purchase and set it up with your phone. No contracts required. It’ll track everything you need it to, all without worrying about another monthly payment. You can find plenty of affordable GPS trackers without compromising in quality. Most portable GPS trackers fall into this category.

Real-time Tracking and Geofence Alerts

Most businesses, large and small, need to keep track of assets. From tracking shipments to protecting precious equipment, you’ll want to look for a tracker that pings you at least once a day on your assets’ whereabouts. Other helpful features like geofences allow you to get instant alerts when your tracker enters or exits a specified area.

Look for trackers that come with services that allow you to track up to thousands of assets. They can give you worldwide reports wherever your assets may be and give you access to a large database tracking all your items. Some of the better trackers are ones you can attach to your assets and have long-lasting batteries like Logistimatic’s Protect Plus. Trackers like these involve easy installation and setup and can be very affordable for your business.

Ensuring Your Tracker Stays Hidden

If you’re hoping for something a little more low-key, there are a few options. One is to get a hard-wired GPS tracker. This will be the easiest one to hide and requires no recharging, as it will go right into your car. Another option is to get a tracker with some kind of adhesive that can attach to the exterior of your car, likely underneath. Some will come with sticky adhesives while others will be magnetic.

While a portable tracker can be hidden in the glove compartment, keep in mind it could be found and discarded. Try to look for trackers that come with audio as well, in case you’re parked at a suspicious location and want to check the surroundings before taking action.

Find Your Best Option

Finding the best GPS car tracker can sometimes be tricky because there are so many options out there. Identify your biggest pain points with your car and see if you can narrow down what you’re looking for. Helping a teenager learn how to drive will require a different tracker than a business owner tracking multiple assets across an entire country. Even for budget hunters, you can still keep your car safe and track it easily without breaking the bank.

There’s a GPS tracker for just about anything and the key is to find the best one for you. Here at Logistimatics, we have our own selection of trackers for individuals and enterprises alike. Feel free to check them out and if you have any questions, we’re more than happy to help. If you need a second opinion try this Honest Brand Review!