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Product Launch: 4G Car Charger GPS Tracker

Car Charger GPS Tracker Posted by John Barbour on July 25, 2022

The world of GPS tracking is quickly evolving, and it’s no longer a complicated affair that used to be accomplished by only tech wizards. Nowadays, anyone can use a GPS tracker. And that’s how it should be! It should be easy enough that you hardly have to think about it. 

This is exactly what you get with the new Logistimatics Car Charger GPS Tracker, the tracker designed to plug right into your car charging port. 

This car GPS tracker has an arsenal of features that differentiate it from other trackers. 

Easy Installation

When we say “easy installation,” we mean that there is virtually no installation. You can ditch complicated GPS tracker setup because this car tracker plugs into your vehicle’s charging port like any other car charger. Plug it into the car and you’re able to track the vehicle within seconds! It’s just as easy to unplug it and transfer to another car for whatever life throws at you.

Real-Time Tracking

The Car Charger GPS Tracker makes real-time tracking easy and reliable. While the vehicle is in motion, you’ll get live location updates every 400 meters for powerful and accurate tracking. The tracker also keeps a log of the vehicle’s whereabouts from the past 120 days, giving you quick access to review historical tracking as needed. And, with the smartphone app, you can easily set up alerts for when your vehicle travels to or leaves a specific area. Wherever your vehicle goes, this tracker is perfect for keeping tabs on family members or tracking a company car right from your phone.

Device Charging

Of course, this car charger tracker is exactly that—a charger. With functional USB-A and USB-C charging ports, you’re able to charge nearly every device, from smartphones to headphones. Just because you’re on the road doesn’t mean you should be disconnected. 

Audio Monitoring

One of this new GPS tracker’s unique features is the live audio monitoring that allows you to listen to what is happening inside the vehicle in real-time. Because of the tracker’s proximity to the sound, you’ll get crystal clear audio directly to your phone when you call the tracker’s phone number. The Car Charger GPS Tracker offers a way to be aware of the goings-on inside the vehicle whenever you want.

When paired with the easy-to-use Logistimatics mobile app, this tracker is a powerhouse. Whether you’re looking to ensure the safety of family members or you want to prevent theft of business property, this car tracker is sure to make you feel confident and secure when it comes to your car and will give you peace of mind… Which is always a good thing, right?

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