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SIM Cards for Audio-Enabled Devices

SIM swap blog banner image Posted by Kim Dazey on April 26, 2023

Let’s learn how your device works behind the scenes! We’re here to provide additional insight and tell you about some upcoming changes that will improve the quality of your audio-enabled device experience.

It’s important to understand the way that SIM cards work. Then, we’ll walk through some changes to Logistimatics’ audio-enabled devices and how this impacts you.


What is a SIM Card?

A SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card is a small, removable computer chip that is used to connect to a cellular network in order to send and receive data to our platform. It is a crucial component of a mobile phone or cellular device, and it is the key that allows you leverage audio functionality on a Logistimatics audio-enabled device) and access mobile data.

When you insert the SIM card into a device, the device reads the information stored on the SIM card and uses it to connect to the cellular network. The SIM card then works as a unique identifier for the user, allowing the cellular network to identify the user’s device and authenticate them to access the network services.

SIM cards allow users to access mobile networks anywhere in the world, provided they have compatible devices and networks.

SIM Card Deprecation

Your device connects to Logistimatics via cell phone networks and uses a SIM card to connect to these networks. Due to changes from some of our connectivity partners, on June 30, 2023, audio usage will no longer be supported on your Mobile-200 or Car Charger.

We will be reaching-out via email to all customers impacted by this change. If you do not use audio, your device will continue to perform as expected.

If you do use audio, we’ll be providing a SIM upgrade kit along with 2 hours of free audio. This will enable you to continue using your Logistimatics tracker with audio.

This makes it really important to understand when you need to complete your SIM swap, so you can plan ahead.

– Current SIM for Audio Deprecation: June 30, 2023

– Install your new SIM prior to this date to continue to use audio.

– Your device will continue to report location data, but don’t delay replacing the SIM to continue to be audio-enabled.

– Emails to current customers: April 26, 2023

– This will contain a link to a form where you can provide the mailing address where we can ship your SIM.

– You will need to order your 2 hours of free audio using the promo code provided in the email.


Audio-Enabled Device Users: What This Means For You

The steps you need to follow will depend on your purchase date and method; in some cases, you may not need to do anything because your SIM is already updated. In others, you’ll want to do a few simple steps and your audio functionality will continue as usual.

– If you purchased your device from Logistimatics.com: any order placed after January 27, 2023 already contains new SIMs that will continue to support audio.

– If you ordered from Amazon.com in 2023, your device already contains new SIMs that will continue to support audio.

– If you ordered your device prior to January 27, 2023 from any retailer, you will need to upgrade your SIM.

Not sure? Contact us and we can help! Leverage our support chat feature at the bottom right of the Logistimatics.com website. Or, you can open a support ticket to have a skilled Logistimatics customer support team member respond to you within 1 business day.

Devices ordered before that date will no longer be able to use audio hours if you keep using the device with the pre-installed SIM card (this came inside your device when it was shipped to you).  In order to continue using the audio features of your audio-enabled tracking device, you will need to leverage a new SIM card and should receive this in the mail in April 2023.

We’re also here to help you through this transition. If you aren’t sure whether or not your devices are able to leverage audio, just reach out to us to create a support ticket or use our chat tool at the bottom right of the page and we can inform you. Once you know which era your devices are designed for, it’s easy to make a plan to swap your SIM card out, so you can continue to leverage audio functionality.If you have any questions regarding this transition, your old devices, or how to step through swapping-out your SIM, ask us today. If you are a business or have a fleet of old devices in need of replacement, our client success team can get you started. Contact the team through our website chat feature to get the support you need.