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GPS Equipment Tracking

Logistimatics provides the easiest and most cost-effective solutions for tracking equipment of all types. Harness the powerful benefits of GPS trackers and our real-time equipment tracking system.

Track light equipment, farm equipment, tools, and heavy construction equipment effortlessly from anywhere. Efficiently monitor your assets, reduce loss, and protect your bottom line.

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Track and protect your equipment

We make it easy to track light or heavy equipment from anywhere.

With our powerful equipment tracking software, you can instantly obtain important information such as real-time location, arrival/departure notifications, and other details about your equipment assets; even when you are far away.

Our GPS tracking platform and tracking devices work seamlessly together allowing you to protect your assets more efficiently. Maximize your visibility and productivity.



Shipping containers, Flatbed trailers, Utility trailers, Intermodal containers


Heavy Equipment

Backhoe Loaders, Forest equipment, Excavators, Bulldozers, Graders, Cranes


Light Equipment

Man lifts, towable equipment, generators, portable lights, skid steers


Recreational Vehicles

RVs, Campers, Boats, ATVs, Snowmobiles, aircraft


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Asset-432 | 4G GPS Asset Tracker with Long Battery Life | 3 Year Battery

  • Power Source: 3 year built in battery
  • Tech Specs: 4G LTE-M, -4 to 140F operating temperature
  • Reporting: Configurable from 1x per day to 1x per minute
  • Ideal Use: Long term asset tracking applications

Road Wired | 4G Hardwired GPS Tracker with Nearly-Universal Coverage

  • Power Source: Equipment or vehicle battery connection
  • Tech Specs: 4G LTE-M, -4° to 158° F operating temperature
  • Reporting: Real-time tracking with updates every 400 meters
  • Ideal Use: Vehicle/equipment tracking with power source

Features to keep your equipment safe and secure

Keep your whole team in the loop with real-time location updates on all your equipment assets. Instantly view multiple assets from one screen. Share access to your tracking with additional users on your team. Discover important insights such as engine runtime hours and frequent stops.

  • Reliable, cost-effective equipment tracking

  • Full visibility with an easy-to-use dashboard

  • Automatic notifications for unauthorized movement

  • Add additional users for shared visibility


Tracking notifications keep you in the know

Automatically get notified when your equipment enters or exits a designated area with the Geofence feature. Instantly know if your equipment goes to unauthorized locations. Cut down on reaction times when equipment goes missing and reduce your losses.

Our equipment tracking software lets you monitor real-time locations as well as historical tracking. Maximize your equipment’s use to the fullest. Simply place one of our GPS trackers on all your equipment assets, set up the app on a mobile device or laptop, and let us do the rest of the heavy lifting for you.

Hardwired + battery powered trackers for car dealers

Recover assets when needed with a car dealer gps tracking device

Track assets on an intuitive map interface from your computer or smartphone. Know where vehicles are located when you need to recover them. Take control of your inventory with GPS tracking solutions for car and vehicle repossession.

  • thumbtack

    Realtime location reporting

    See the current and past locations of your equipment.

  • stops

    Track number of hours stopped

    Improve utilization by tracking the time assets are stopped.

  • Engine_runtime

    Maintenance and engine runtime

    Measure and track engine runtime for maintenance purposes.

  • API

    API for integrations

    Easy integration of your tracking data into existing software.

  • key

    Track unauthorized movement

    Get alerts if your equipment is used in an unauthorized way.

  • teams

    Tracking dashboard for teams

    Share location tracking dashboard with team members.


  • Joe Ergen

    Fantastic. Works great. I’ve purchased a few different brands in the past and this is by far the best value and function.

  • Chelsea Miller

    I’m honestly surprised by the device’s performance – mainly the magnets. The tracker is being used in an outdoor application. I was concerned with the strength of the magnets, but it seems to have held up well.

  • Dave Wright

    These are great trackers. We use them all the time for tracking our trailers which can sit for weeks at a time.

  • Anne Dunn

    Simple, easy to use and affordable.

  • Andre Black

    We started with the web tracking platform and have moved to using the data from the trackers in our TMS.

  • Jean Townsend

    Everything works great. Our equipment is out on job sites constantly and we are worried about it.

  • Greg Faust

    We have battery-powered and wired trackers on our rental equipment. Our insurance company gave us a discount and we’re more confident about non-local and out of state rentals. Works great.

  • Kendrick Davis

    Easy to use. My whole team has a login to track. Worth it.