GPS Vehicle Tracking

Track your vehicles and increase safety with cloud based GPS tracking.

Simple, easy to use tracking.

Just $14.95/month with no contract required.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

gps vehicle tracking

Mobile Notifications

Get instant notifications on your mobile device.
Track and manage your vehicles from anywhere.

Track From Any Device.

Get detailed location information from any computer or smartphone.  Also, see historic location data showing where your equipment has been.

Optimize Your Assets.

With realtime location data at your fingertips, you know exactly where your team is and can optimize the schedule for maximum efficiency.

Protect Your Equipment.

Equipment gets stolen and misused every day.  Get an alert if your equipment leaves or enters a designated area (a geofence).  GPS tracking helps prevent unauthorized use.

GPS Vehicle Tracking Overview

"I got tired of chasing down equipment. Now I can handle this with my phone."
Tony JacobsToronto, CAN
"I just needed an easy way to track. Thanks for making it easy to get started."
Sammy TheilCharleston, SC
"We lost several large assets in the last five years. It was time for us to get serious about security."
David StephensPhoenix AZ
Ready for simple, reliable, cost effective GPS tracking?
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$14.95/Month per device
  • Track from any computer or smartphone
  • No contract, cancel anytime
  • Realtime alerts when events happen
  • View trackers previous locations
  • Mobile-200 GPS Tracker with extended battery and live audio

    • 2-3 Week battery life
    • Live Audio Monitoring
    • Magnetic mount
    Rated 4.66 out of 5
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  • 4G GPS Tracker | Micro 420 GPS tracking device that works on the Verizon Network

    • 4G tracker on the Verizon network
    • 7-10 days of battery life
    • Real time GPS tracker, trackable anywhere
    $79.95 $69.95
    Rated 4.50 out of 5
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  • Auto-325 GPS Car Tracker | OBD GPS Vehicle Tracker with live audio

    • OBD Vehicle Tracker
    • Live Audio Monitoring
    • No installation required. Simply plug into car
    Rated 4.25 out of 5
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