GPS Tracking For Off Road Vehicles

As the season gets underway and ATV owners take to the outdoors, unfortunately the risk of theft can increase as well. The size of the vehicles can make them particularly susceptible to theft, and difficult to track down once taken. One way that owners can protect their investments, is with a GPS tracker that can attach directly to the vehicle.

Why GPS Trackers?

Adding a GPS tracker to your vehicle gives you peace of mind of knowing right where your ATV is located at all times. Using a tracker through Logistimatics, you would be able to track your journeys and view them on a map display. Making trackers like the Mobile-200 and the Pocket Tracker great for mapping new trails. The devices would also offer protection against theft, allowing you to find the location of the stolen vehicle and notify authorities immediately.

Case Study

A father and son are exploring new trails on a summer afternoon. They come to a diverging path and temporarily split up to meet up on the other side of the fork, to fully map out the trail. After waiting a short while, the father notices that his son is late to the meeting location. He isn’t able to reach him on his cell phone, so he attempts to pinpoint his location using the GPS device that is on the ATV. Using the location found on his Logistimatics mobile app, the two were able to find each other and get back to camp before sundown.

Why Logistimatics?

We sell high quality tracking hardware that is affordable and easy to use. The software included is straight forward, and takes the guess work out of tracking. We test our hardware in all kinds of environments so that when you buy from us, you can be sure you’re getting a quality product. With Logistimatics you can easily track from the web or with with your iOS or Android device.


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