Tracking service gets your tracker connected to the network and gives you powerful tracking tools in an easy to use app.

GPS tracking service makes getting started easy and makes it possible to track vehicles, assets and people from the web or on any iOS or Android device.

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Getting Started with Tracking Service is Easy

You have the option to sign up for service when you receive your tracker.

You have the option to purchase tracking service

Tracking service is $14.95/mo and you can sign up when you receive your tracker. You can stop service anytime.

Tracking service includes 2 hours of live audio.

If you need more, it's just $3/hour and works on supported devices.

Tracking service gets you connected

When you use our tracking service, your tracker is automatically connected and you get access to tracking apps.

GPS Tracking Service FAQ

When you purchase a Logistimatics tracker, you'll have the option to activate your tracker and get started with service. The first step is to download the Logistimatics app from the App Store or Play Store.

You can stop service at any time. There are no contracts.

Live audio lets you hear what's happening at your trackers location. If the tracker you purchase supports it, you'll be able listen in with your tracker. Tracking service includes 2 hours of live audio and if you need additional time, you can purchase extra hours for $3/hour.