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Stolen Car Rates On The Rise Across the US

Collage image representing car theft Posted by Kim Dazey on January 5, 2023

Stolen Car Hot-Spots in Colorado, California, & More

It’s a nightmare that every consumer dreads: vehicle theft. While we may know of stolen car hot spots like Colorado and California, there were 745,000 stolen vehicles across the United States in 2022, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB). This means stolen vehicles were up 24% from the same period in (pre-pandemic) 2019.

So, what can we learn from these hot spots for automotive theft? We’ll explore Colorado and California’s scenario in more detail, and then talk about ways to protect your vehicle and prevent car theft. We’ll wrap up by helping you identify your risk for vehicle theft by highlighting the latest statistics for most stolen autos by state and make/model.

Vehicle Theft Protection and Recovery Graphic

Colorado Car Theft

According to the Common Sense Institute (CSI) and Criminal Justice Fellows Mitch Morrissey and George Brauchler, “At the current rate of 4,007 thefts per month, motor vehicle thefts are on pace to exceed 48,000 for the year—an all-time high. The estimated total value of these stolen vehicles is between $468.1M and $848.3M, on the road to nearly $1B.”

Axios Denver reports that criminals feel emboldened by the low arrest rates, which were down from 2021, and lax punishments for vehicle theft in the Colorado area. Criminals are “intentionally firing guns and smashing into vehicles to distract police and flee,” as Mike Greenwell, commander of the Colorado Metropolitan Auto Theft Task Force, told 9News.

The same Axios Denver report states, “We know that 74% of the people that get arrested for auto theft are also charged with another felony crime of some type. The vast majority of those are violent crimes.” 

By this representation, we can see how it’s more important than ever for the average civilian to provide authorities with any useful information, data, or insights. Therefore in areas of high vehicle theft, it’s on the shoulders of the people to gather as much information as they can.

California Car Theft

Until Colorado’s vehicle theft rates skyrocketed in recent years, Bakersfield, CA was once the stolen car capital in the United States. However, Californians aren’t out of the woods yet. 

The California Highway Patrol’s latest annual report states, “194,876 vehicles were stolen, at an estimated total value of approximately $1.7 billion. This is a 7.7% increase from the 2020 total for vehicle thefts statewide. The average rate of theft in 2021 was one vehicle every 3 minutes.” These are shocking statistics. A vehicle is stolen in the time it takes to brew your morning pot of coffee.

The same report states that over half of the total vehicles stolen were from Southern California. And of those, over half were in Los Angeles County. Approximately 17% of all thefts in the state occurred in the San Francisco Bay Area, which makes this metro another hot spot in the state.

Physical Vehicle Security VS. Technical Protection

Many individuals think of physical security when thinking about preventing loss or theft:

  • – Lock the door and take the key with you
  • – Roll up the windows and close the sunroof
  • – Keep vehicles garaged whenever possible
  • – Don’t keep valuables in your vehicle
  • – Use a steering wheel lock bar
  • – Park in well-lit areas if unable to be personally garaged
  • – Make sure your vehicle insurance is updated and protects against theft
  • – Know your vehicle identification number (VIN)

But, few think of technical security for loss prevention, outside of making sure they buy a vehicle with anti-theft alarms. In the age of the Internet of Things (IoT), technical protection also includes tracking devices. These might include Apple AirTags, Tile tags, or GPS tracking devices.

Peace of Mind with Car Tracking: Bluetooth Tags VS GPS Protection

While Bluetooth tags can provide some tracking information, there’s a large difference between the way those trackers work, compared to a GPS device. Bluetooth tags are dependent upon the phone itself in a way that GPS tracking devices aren’t. 

AirTags require a specific brand of phone or device (Apple) and activating the user’s Bluetooth at all times. Tile tags are device-agnostic, but require the user’s Bluetooth functionality to be activated, as well. The searching party can use an app to see the last location of an item. But, ultimately they must also be near enough to the missing item to allow for tracking or auditory alerts. This is the way that one can pinpoint the exact location of their lost item.

However, GPS devices do not have these dependencies. This makes GPS trackers a favorable option to protect your vehicle and enable recovery. If your car gets stolen, you want to be sure you can find it again. As long as your GPS device has a charge or is connected to a power source, you can pinpoint its location within a small margin of error. 

This is where Logistimatics comes in: track your car, truck, or SUV with a GPS device to gain insights on its location in a way that Bluetooth tags just can’t match. Logistimatics devices also provide the option to share access to your account with authorities, upon the click of a button.

What Are The States With Highest Rates of Auto Theft?

According to the latest National Insurance Crime Bureau NICB Hot Spot report, Colorado, District of Columbia, and California are at the top of the list for stolen vehicles. But, your state may still be in one of the hottest areas for vehicle theft:

  1. 1. Colorado
  2. 2. Washington DC
  3. 3. California
  4. 4. New Mexico
  5. 5. Oregon
  6. 6. Washington
  7. 7. Missouri
  8. 8. Nevada
  9. 9. Oklahoma
  10. 10. Texas

In the US, nearly half of vehicles are found and returned to their owners after loss (according to FBI data). That’s almost a 50/50 chance that your stolen car will remain lost for good. Therefore, tracking your vehicle’s location can increase the odds of return and protect your investment.

What Are The Most Stolen Vehicles By State?

According to the NICB, the most stolen vehicles by state in 2022 varies. But, to gain an understanding of your state’s auto theft risk, we have included their list of US states with the most stolen vehicles (as of 2021):

  • – Alabama – Chevrolet Pick-up (Full Size)
  • – Alaska – Chevrolet Pick-up (Full Size)
  • – Arizona – Chevrolet Pick-up (Full Size)
  • – Arkansas – Chevrolet Pick-up (Full Size)
  • – California – Chevrolet Pick-up (Full Size)
  • – Colorado – Ford Pick-up (Full Size)
  • – Connecticut – Honda Accord
  • – Delaware – Honda Accord
  • – Florida – Ford Pick-up (Full Size)
  • – Georgia – Ford Pick-up (Full Size)
  • – Hawaii – Ford Pick-up (Full Size)
  • – Idaho – Ford Pick-up (Full Size)
  • – Illinois – Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee
  • – Indiana – Ford Pick-up (Full Size)
  • – Iowa – Chevrolet Pick-up (Full Size)
  • – Kansas – Ford Pick-up (Full Size)
  • – Kentucky – Ford Pick-up (Full Size)
  • – Louisiana – Ford Pick-up (Full Size)
  • – Maine – Chevrolet Pick-up (Full Size)
  • – Maryland – Honda Accord
  • – Massachusetts – Honda Accord
  • – Michigan – Dodge Charger
  • – Minnesota – Honda Civic
  • – Mississippi – Ford Pick-up (Full Size)
  • – Missouri – Ford Pick-up (Full Size)
  • – Montana – Ford Pick-up (Full Size)
  • – Nebraska – Chevrolet Pick-up (Full Size)
  • – Nevada – Chevrolet Pick-up (Full Size)
  • – New Hampshire – Chevrolet Pick-up (Full Size)
  • – New Jersey – Honda Accord
  • – New Mexico – Chevrolet Pick-up (Full Size)
  • – New York – Honda Accord
  • – North Carolina – Ford Pick-up (Full Size)
  • – North Dakota – Ford Pick-up (Full Size)
  • – Ohio – Ford Pick-up (Full Size)
  • – Oklahoma – Chevrolet Pick-up (Full Size)
  • – Oregon – Ford Pick-up (Full Size)
  • – Pennsylvania – Honda Accord
  • – Rhode Island – Honda Accord
  • – South Carolina – Ford Pick-up (Full Size)
  • – South Dakota – Chevrolet Pick-up (Full Size)
  • – Tennessee – Chevrolet Pick-up (Full Size)
  • – Texas – Chevrolet Pick-up (Full Size)
  • – Utah – Ford Pick-up (Full Size)
  • – Vermont – Subaru Forester
  • – Virginia – Honda Accord
  • – Washington – Ford Pick-up (Full Size)
  • – Washington D.C. – Toyota Camry
  • – West Virginia – Chevrolet Pick-up (Full Size)
  • – Wisconsin – Hyundai Elantra
  • – Wyoming – Ford Pick-up (Full Size)
  • – Puerto Rico – Kia Sportage

If you have one of these vehicles, you might want to consider a better way to keep track of your car, truck, or SUV. Consider a GPS tracking device from Logistimatics. These devices are typically easy to use. Some are even tailor-made to work in your car, truck, or SUV. Prevent loss and increase chances of recovery with a GPS tracking device.

GPS Car Tracking: Stolen Vehicle Recovery with Logistimatics

Interest rates are on the rise. Therefore, it is more important than ever to protect your expensive assets. The car you purchased with a 3% interest rate (or was paid off) will cost more in total (if financed), now that interest rates are in the 6-7% range. Additionally, the CSI reports that cars are most commonly stolen from those who can least afford them. Increase the chance of recovery by investing in a GPS device for your vehicle.

Logistimatics offers the perfect solution for vehicle owners looking to protect themselves from car theft and loss. Shop for wireless GPS trackers that magnet to your car, truck, or SUV. Or, if you would rather not worry about keeping a wireless device charged, check out a Road Wired GPS device. The device plugs directly into your vehicle to draw power from the core system. Additionally, one may choose a Logistimatics car charger tracker. It’s quite discreet and offers USB charging, in addition to tracking and audio monitoring features.

Either device requires a subscription to an app, which provides access to Logistimatics’ new location data platform.. If your vehicle is lost or stolen, simply activate these GPS devices and view them on the app. This activation provides insight into your vehicle’s location and can allow you to give access to authorities, giving them an up-to-date location of your stolen vehicle.* 

Purchase and Subscribe for Peace of Mind

*Logistimatics does NOT recommend, support, or condone any individual citizen to pursue criminals on their own. Always contact the relevant authorities and professionals.