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Why Every Dog Owner Needs a GPS Tracker (And How to Choose the Best One)

Why Dog Owners Need a GPS Dog Tracker Posted by Kim Dazey on May 22, 2024

Dog tracking with GPS technology helps you maintain peace of mind over your dog’s whereabouts and safety. Check out 10 reasons why GPS tracking your dogs can help ensure their safety (and return).


#1 | Keep your pup even closer with a dog tracker

Our furry companions are more than just pets—they’re cherished members of our families, and there’s no worse feeling than when you can’t find them. Your dogs’ safety and well-being are paramount. 

Thanks to advancements in technology, such as NanoGuard, keeping track of our pets has become easier and more efficient than ever before.


#2 | Get the cost-saving convenience of a dog tracking device

For many dog owners, the thought of losing a beloved animal is a nightmare. Traditionally, methods like microchipping have been employed for identification, but they come with limitations. Enter GPS trackers. These compact devices offer:
• Real-time tracking capabilities
• Pinpointed pet locations
• An end to frantic searching or expensive search parties

The pet industry was nearly a $150 billion industry in 2023 and is expected hit $200 billion by the end of 2024. With GPS technology, the cost of searching for a lost dog diminishes significantly, providing peace of mind to owners and families like yours.


#3 | Help your pups be even more secure

Exploration is ingrained in our dogs. They’re curious creatures, often venturing into unknown areas. While this adventurous spirit is admirable, it can also pose risks. Whether it’s getting lost in unfamiliar surroundings or encountering unforeseen dangers, the safety of our pets is a constant concern. GPS trackers act as a safety net, enabling owners like you to monitor your pets’ movements and intervene if necessary.


From bustling city streets to vast wilderness, these devices ensure that our furry friends are never truly alone.


#4 | Discover protection against pet theft

Pet theft is a distressing reality that many owners face. Whether motivated by profit or malicious intent, thieves target pets of all shapes and sizes. However, GPS technology serves as a powerful deterrent.

By equipping your dogs with GPS trackers, you can not only track their whereabouts but also recover them swiftly in the event of theft. This added layer of protection ensures that our pets remain safe and secure, even in the face of adversity.


#5 | Anticipate your easily-frightened pup’s movements

Each year, so many pets—especially dogs—go missing on New Year’s Eve and July 4th due to fireworks celebrations. 

If your furry friend is a little skittish, they might always have an escape plan in place. Generally, a frightened pet is likely one that will try to run away to safety—and that may include outside. This is especially true during the holidays when your house likely sees a lot of new foot traffic and open-and-closed doors.

You may be unable to predict if and when your anxious pup will run—having GPS tracking tech keeps you connected and able to welcome them back with a treat and a tummy rub in no time.

#6 | Take a more active role in your pet’s health

With GPS tracking, you can become even more involved in your pal’s everyday wellbeing. The best dog tracker GPS devices can double as activity trackers. With these, you can:
• Ensure your pet gets enough exercise
• Monitor your pet’s rest throughout the day
• Stay fit together—your pet’s exercise metrics can help your own!
• Maintain visibility of your pet’s activity all in one place
• See valuable metrics to keep your pets at healthy weights


What matters most: GPS tracking your dogs’ activities regularly helps you figure out if they’re sick. If your pet’s activity dips all of a sudden, it may be because of an infection or injury.


#7 | Microchipping just hasn’t worked for you

Contrary to popular belief, microchips don’t actually help you locate your pup. They just help identify a dog once they are found. That means if your microchipped pet goes missing, you only can hope someone finds them and contacts you.

But with GPS dog tracker devices, you are able to do the tracking and finding yourself, empowering you with real-time retrieval assistance. Skip hanging lost dog posters and hoping strangers find your bestie. Instead of having to call your neighbors, track your buddy right on your phone and reunite with them quickly.


#8 | Let your furry best friends freely explore

If you’re the proud pup parent to more adventurous breeds and escape artists, GPS tracking technology is right for you. Your huskies and hounds love exploring and can do so long-range! GPS trackers for pets allows them to blaze new trails and follow new scents while you remain nearby, confident in their location. GPS trackers are perfect for pet owners who live in larger, more rural areas, as well as those who love going on expeditions with their fuzzy navigators.

Taking pets to new or expansive outdoor areas like parks or on hikes introduces the risk of pets getting lost or straying too far from you, especially in areas with limited visibility.

GPS trackers like NanoGuard from Logistimatics are equipped with precise location technology, enabling owners like you to keep a close eye on your pets, especially in unfamiliar or challenging environments. This ensures your pets can be quickly found and safely returned, regardless of the terrain.


#9 | You love traveling with your pets

Just like your little buddies, you love exploring—and you want to discover the world out there. However, traveling with pets presents unique challenges, especially in unfamiliar locations. Losing a pet near your home is a nightmare, so losing one on the road is even worse.

While traveling—especially to and from high-traffic areas like airports and rest stops—GPS trackers for pets can provide comfort and confidence by continuously monitoring your pet’s location. This helps you get back to discovering fun and new places for you and your favorite travel partners.


#10 | Look out for your aging or special needs pup

Older pets, especially dogs, may become disoriented much more easily than their younger pup counterparts. If you have an older pet or one with special needs, you likely face additional challenges in ensuring they don’t wander off. For instance, your pet may need to take medication at the same time every day, so keeping them closer is high on your list of needs.

By offering real-time tracking, GPS trackers for pets provide a vital tool for giving extra care to pets that may require immediate attention.


Keeping all our delightful dogs safe
By harnessing the power of GPS trackers, you can ensure your furry companions are always within reach. As we continue to embrace innovation, let’s prioritize the well-being of our beloved pets and embrace the tools that make pet care a cost-saving joy—let’s all help ensure no more lost dogs!

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