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GPS Tracking for Business

GPS Tracking for Business Posted by Kim Dazey on May 11, 2018

More and more businesses are turning to GPS Tracking to increase the security of their assets, track fleets, mitigate fuel costs, and manage mobile employees. In todays competitive market, it is becoming essential for businesses to utilize whatever technology that may give them an edge. Most large companies are already using a GPS tracking device for their assets, but even for smaller companies it is often cost-effective and may help them compete.

How GPS tracking is helping Large and Small Businesses

There are many types of companies that use GPS tracking, and a great many more that could benefit from this technology.

Here’s a list of just a few…


There are many advantages of GPS tracking. Surveys have shown that over 80% of companies that have used a GPS tracking device to mitigate costs reported that they were satisfied with their GPS tracking experience.

Here is a breakdown of some of the major applications:

  • Protection of Assets

If you are like most businesses, security is a top priority. Use GPS tracking to secure your assets and help with loss prevention. Place a GPS tracking device on trailers, cars, construction equipment, toolboxes, safes, or whatever need be to be able to track it as it relocates or if it goes missing. You can also use GPS tracking to ensure that your employees are driving safely to and from their destinations, and keep an eye on their speed.

  • Save on Fuel

If you are tracking fleets, you can use the data gathered to find the most efficient route, saving you money on fuel.

  • Time Management

When looking at the bottom dollar, companies can save by knowing where their employees are, if they are using their vehicles for work applications, and knowing that they are using the most efficient routes. Tracking workers can also motivate them to improve performance and reduce tardiness. Another application could be tracking executives or employees on business trips, making sure they get where they are going on time and providing an extra layer of security.

  • Customer Satisfaction

A GPS tracking device will store information on routes, keep data for time management, and provide real time tracking which greatly increase you interaction with customers. Specifically for delivery companies, you can set better estimates of delivery, time in transit, and bring your customer satisfaction to an all time high. Setting expectations and fulfilling them with your customer, of course, can help provide them with the best experience.


Choose the Best GPS Tracker for Your Business

First thing’s first, what kind of tracking does your business need? Are the benefits already listed in this article what you are looking for in a GPS tracking solution? Or are you targeting a more specific outcome? Every business is different, and the best thing about new technology is that we can use it to find creative solutions to unexpected problems.

Consider these questions when choosing a GPS tracking device…

Do I want a rechargeable device, or something that wires into my vehicle?

How long does the battery need to last between charges?

How often do I need it to report it’s location?

What size does the device need to be?

Do I want a consumable or do I need a reusable one?

The answers to these questions are going to effect a number of factors. It may also be useful to understand how the technology works and to understand it’s capabilities. To get a better sense of this, check out our article How GPS Tracking Works.

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Hopefully this article has primed you with the information you need to get started with a GPS tracking solution. But if you feel like you need more information or insight in where to start, or if you have questions for us, don’t hesitate to contact us!